Portable Staging For Schools Sports Day

Tips For Organising A Fun Sports Day

A sports day is an event that is all about practicing as well as guiding different sports and sports day games. The most important thing of a sports day is that everyone can enjoy sports and exercise all day long. Keep reading more about portable staging system for school event. The day is often filled with fun sports day games and activities, so that everyone moves well for a day. Everyone is motivated to participate in sports and participate in the games. A healthy activity, which is all about sport.

Helpful Tips

Organizing a sports day and choosing the right sports day games is quite a challenging job. What exactly do you have to pay attention to at the organization and which sports day games are fun to add to your sports day? With the following tips, your sports day will be a success:

Tip 1. Budget:

When you want to organize a sports day, be well informed of the budget available for the sports day games. It will help you to avoid from getting into trouble with the organization later on. Find more details here: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/stagemanufactureruk/hire-a-portable-staging-system-and-equipment

Tip 2. Permit:

Do you have a place in mind where you want the sports day to take place? In that case, first ask the municipality if you need a permit for this place. You can apply for the permit well before the sports day.

Tip 3. Work with the team:

Never organize a sports day alone. With a team of two or three men you keep the overview better and often more of the day ends up. With a team, you ensure that all sports day games go well. Visit here to read more Mobile stage hire UK

Tip 4. How to play:

Before the sports day starts, you go into the rules. The game rules of a game must be very clear before the game can start. So all games will be fair.

Tip 5. Requirements:

Make sure you have all the equipment for the sports day and that they end up at the right game.

Tip 6. Schedule:

Provide a precise schedule during the sports day. This way every team knows where to go to participate in the next sports day game. Click here for more info Best portable staging for schools in UK

Tip 7. Prize:

Think of a prize for the best athlete of the day. A prize at the end of the day motivates participants to work hard during the day for the sports day.

Hire some cool bouncy games

With the tough hexathlon games your sports day becomes an event not to be forgotten! From storm tracks to play cushions, the craziest sports day games you can rent some bouncy games for your Events and challenge your participants to defy the sports day! Check this site to read Portable Stage Rental


During an event, you also need some other materials. Examples of this are:

  • Colored ribbons or T-shirts to distinguish teams
  • Portable staging platforms and furniture like folding chair, table
  • Music/microphone system
  • Contest forms to record the final score per match
  • Scoreboard with intermediate
  • Crew-shirts (also for first aid, referees, etc.) (see google doc)

Signage to indicate things like:

  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Catering
  • First Aid

Prices to reach out afterwards, when it comes to a bigger event, it is useful to draw up a list of materials. It contains all equipment that are essential for the construction and execution of the event, where the materials to have and where it should be removed from (suppliers, storage, pick a person, etc.).

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